Alter, Repair, Mend or Something New


Most garments CAN be mended, zippers can be replaced, seams repaired, hems secured. Need that dress or pants taken in or let out? Have an idea but can't find what you are looking for? It's worth a call, possibilities are endless. Just phone for an estimate today. 

Serving the Greater Thumb Area

Phone# 810-304-2509

“Netta, WE LOVE THE QUILT! Kayla is so very pleased and was excited to see the package upon our arrival home. We will keep your info on hand for future and spread the word too. Again thank you for turning Kayla's t-shirts into something she will enjoy, use and cherish forever. ”
- Norgan Family
"Netta altered my wedding gown and added a custom ribbon for belt and corset back, she was great.”
- Jamie 

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